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Award Winning Content
In 2016, the International Automotive Media Competition presented Hot Rod Engine Tech publisher John Baechtel with the prestigious Gold Medal of Excellence award for the article, "Why is the Speed Demon So Damned Fast?" John also won a Bronze Medal for the engine tech book "Practical Engine Airflow."

Hot Rod Engine Tech is a fast paced, high ranking internet performance publication delivering hardcore technical and feature articles on high performance and racing engines.
It features detailed engine builds, engine theory and tech features, engine performance applications, dyno tests, product tests, engine builder interviews, engine specifications and performance build techniques. How-to articles and budget conscious modifications are stressed wherever possible.

Alternate Supercars caters to readers whose vision extends beyond the traditional muscle car base with unconventional builds, engine swaps and vehicles outside the mainstream well of Camaros, Mustangs, Chevelles, Dusters, Barracudas, Novas, Fairlanes and the like. This site emphasizes the little guy and DIY home-builders who build exciting and different performance cars at home in their garages. Car features and how-to articles are the primary content with a strong emphasis on build content and car building tips.

Trucks and Towing is for readers seeking low-buck solutions to common trucking and towing issues. It also features great examples of reader built rides and and custom built trucks and tow rigs for every application. Strong emphasis on DIY how-to articles and budget based modifications. New vehicle and reader built vehicle tests are presented along with in-depth projects and technical articles that support the broader enthusiast truck and towing market.