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Unlike traditional print magazines, Landspeed Media Enthusiast sites are available 24/7, 365 days a year.  Content is uploaded daily and it features the most current breaking tech and feature stories, press releases and videos.

There are many ways to advertise, but today's digital market is rapidly eclipsing print media and it is more affordable with round the clock direct access. In addition, it is searchable. No more paging through old worn magazines from the back of the toilet. Readers search for and find exactly what they want whenever and wherever they want.

Unlike print advertising, digital ads provide direct access via clicks that take readers directly to your site in a separate window. You can't go wrong.
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AVG. AGE: 39.3

AVG. INCOME: $74,868

COLLEGE: 38.3%

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94.6% Male

The Landspeed Media Group invites you to join its expanding portfolio of performance industry advertisers who are having great success promoting their products on our tech enthusiast web sites. Our flagship site is HotRodEngineTech.com, a high traffic, award winning technical site for high performance and racing engine enthusiasts.

In 2016, this site was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal of Excellence from the International Automotive Media Competition.

As part of our 2017 expansion program we brought two additional performance enthusiast web sites on line and are producing two high end book publications. The new web sites are AlternateSupercars.com and TrucksandTowing.com. Alternate Supercars addresses the growing market of enthusiasts who build high performance cars from a broader range of vehicles outside the mainstream. TrucksandTowing.com speaks to do-it-yourself enthusiasts who modify their trucks and use them to tow their race cars, trailers, boats and watercraft. 

All three sites are tech oriented and geared to car and truck enthusiasts who do their own work and buy parts. Unlike mainstream magazines that feature an endless parade of high end vehicles that most enthusiast can’t begin to afford; we focus on tech and how-to articles that show readers how to do things and what parts to buy for their projects. Build features are accompanied by complete source and parts lists so readers can easily shop for your parts.

As a manufacturer, you are selling performance parts. As a publisher, we are selling expertise and prompting readers to buy your parts. We feel it is a proven success formula and our loyal advertisers agree. We offer editorial support to all advertisers and we work directly with your people to ensure accuracy in every story.

Our book publications do not offer any advertising opportunities, but they add to our performance pedigree and are sought by motorsports readers and collectors. Goldenrod: The Resurrection of  America’s Speed King was released in 2018. Speed Demon, the story of George Poteet’s amazing land speed record car is coming in 2019.