The Definitive History of the GOLDENROD - America's Iconic Land Speed Record Holder

Veteran Author and 200 MPH Club Member John Baechtel has written a full color, photo-rich book on the restoration and detailed history of the car.

It includes full coverage of the restoration effort, rare family photos, original plans and blueprints, Walter Korff's complete aerodynamic development report, a special section on the modified Chrysler Race Hemi engines, the air scoop controversy, plus a detailed timeline of the record attempt.

No effort has been spared to produce this hardbound collector's quality account of the Goldenrod and the Summers Brothers' stunning land speed record achievement.
  • Record Breaking Secrets Revealed
  • Unseen Original Plans & Blueprints
  • Full Color Teardown & Rebuild Photos
  • Full Aerodynamic Development Details
  • Inside the Chrysler Race Hemi Engines
  • Official FIA Record Documentation

What Land Speed Legends Are Saying...


World's Fastest Piston-Powered Car

George Poteet's awesome Speed Demon has captured the attention of the world wide racing community with it's clockwork ability to tear off repeated 400 mph blasts at the Bonneville Salt Flats. When an unexpected incident caused the car to crash in 2014, an opportunity to build an even better and faster Speed Demon presented itself. See the complete history of the Speed Demon and the detailed buildup of the new car all in full color.
  • Full Color Demon Build Sequence
  • Turbocharged Engine Build Details
  • Aerodynamic Development Analysis
  • 481 MPH Speed Secrets Revealed
  • High Speed Tire Technology
  • Electronic Management & Control
  • Drivetrain & Friction Secrets
  • Complete Speed Demon History
Author John Baechtel has penned a full color, photo rich history and technical account on the original record setting Speed Demon and the equally if not more formidable Speed Demon II which has already set new records at Bonneville.

It includes full coverage of the Speed Demon's extraordinary history and performance record, the unfortunate crash and subsequent construction of the all new Speed Demon II. The new car build is covered in exacting photographic detail so readers can see and understand every component of this amazing land speed racing car.

With more than 2,700 Kenny-Duttweiler-inspired turbocharged horsepower and George Poteet's skilled driving, the Speed Demon has become America's favorite land speed racer.