Landspeed Media Introduces Alternate Supercars Site

November 2016 - Landspeed Media announces the publication of, a website primarily dedicated to American and foreign cars that have undergone engine swaps and performance modifications to make them perform like high-end supercars without the high cost.

These are primarily home-built supercars lovingly put together by passionate enthusiasts who want to make the car of their choice into a budget conscious performance car for reasonable cost and the pure enjoyment of redesigning and building it themselves. These are fun projects and you will like what you see.

If you want to see your car featured, please CLICK HERE to submit a description of the project. If we're interested we'll contact you for relevant photos, spec sheet and parts guide and a permission to publish e-mail.

Check out these some of these BAD BOYS...

Cammer Powered Doomsday Galaxie

482ci of Kenny Duttweiler built, turbocharged power.
Quite a departure from your standard tunnel rams and roots blower combinations typical of Pro Street rides, but every bit as businesslike; Ring's Galaxie 500 packs death star power potential wrapped in galactic black and silver trim. Considered an unlikely candidate for Pro Street conversion, the finished product has Alternate Supercar written all over it; The wheels skirt the edge of the trend toward oversized wheels that look wrong, but they work perfect in this application. The hood scoop is a respectful nod to the Galaxie's performance past and the Cammer under the hood is the perfect powerplant to represent Ford's performance heritage on the Pro Street stage. A different approach to be sure, but one that fits the intent and looks the part.

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A Triumph GT6 with LS2 Street Muscle

Jon Cook is an extra-motivated hot rodding type who walks his own path with a creative vision that others failed to grasp, but but overwhelmingly approve of once they've seen the final results. Jon's contribution to the melting pot of hot rodding lore evolved from a tired Triumph GT6 to a wicked fast, all aluminum-motored street prowler that will put a grin on any riders face. With a more than 400% power increase and the car's light weight, this is one fast and nimble little street surprise. One glance at the wheels and big rubber on this car is a pretty good indication of the muscle lurking within. A modified LS1 from a 2000 Pontiac Trans Am with a T56 manual trans hides big power under the factory tilt frontend.

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A Hilborn-Injected 392ci Hemi T-Bird Sleeper

Bad ass hot rods don't always have to be the fastest, loudest or most expensive cars. The best ones typically combine a performance engine swap, the right stance with appropriate wheels and tires, good paint and the proper sound. By that measure, Tom Curnow's 1955 Thunderbird has the right stuff. Savvy car guys have a natural knack for combining just the right ingredients in a single finely crafted piece that makes the right statement in any crowd.

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Chassis mods, special fabrication and engine swap by Hawaii Racing, Simi Valley CA.

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