Landspeed Media Introduces Hot Rod Engine Tech Site


December 2011 - Landspeed Media launches, a photo-rich tech website dedicated to high performance engines with tech articles and how-tos for the professional and novice reader. It covers engine builds, prep and assembly tech, parts evaluation, high performance engine theory and interviews with tech experts. It also features detailed assembly guides, new technology, engine building tools and even a book review guide for resourcing relevant spec information about specific engines.

If you have a engine story to share with our readers, please CLICK HERE to submit a description of the project. If we're interested we'll contact you for relevant photos, spec sheet and parts guide and a permission to publish e-mail.

Nothin' but Engine Tech...


Race & Street Engine Builds

Chevy, Mopar, Ford, you name it. We have detailed engine builds and tech for anything you're building. Many of them are just what you are already seeking and some are off-the-charts wild builds intended for special applications like Pro Street or Bonneville. Sources, parts lists, and tech sheets are included.

Engine Building Tools

Engine building tools are critical to a successful build. They are required for accurate measurement of clearances, torque specs, engine, and valve timing and much more. We show you what they are and how they can help you become a better engine builder right in your own garage.

Race Engine Technology

The latest and greatest in race engine technology is covered with emphasis on theory, new trends, and practices along with a complete menu of how to build a racing engine broken down into specifics such as short blocks, cylinder heads, induction, exhaust and more.

Vintage Engines

Vintage engine tech like this original GM factory 409 Chevy fuel injection set up or a rare factory-built, all-aluminum 350ci crossram V8 for a 1969 Z28.  Or how about a 1927 Fast Four Dodge four-cylinder engine that has set 10 records at Bonneville in a '27 Dodge roadster?

Engine Dyno Tests

Engine dyno tests are also provided for most of the engine build stories so you can judge the results for yourself and follow the build exactly or throw in your own personal preferences to suit your particular applications.

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