Landspeed Media Introduces Trucks & Towing Site

April 2012 - Landspeed Media's new website, targets the exploding trucks and trailering segment.

It features new gasoline and diesel fueled trucks and offers special features on home built reader's trucks that have been restored or modified for better performance via engine swaps or modifications, transmission upgrades and other mods to suit the reader's needs. It also addresses the trailer market with features on trailer safety and trailer upgrades for greater utility and safety.

If you have a modified truck story to share with our readers, please CLICK HERE to submit a description of the project. If we're interested we'll contact you for relevant photos, spec sheet and parts guide and a permission to publish e-mail.

Trucks on the Move...And Trailers, Too!


Shelby American in Gardena, California has introduced Shelby American’s latest offering — the Shelby F-150 Super Snake. A pure muscle truck from end to end, the F-150 Super Snake will be limited to only 150 units total. This new edition super truck features a supercharged Coyote 5.0L V-8 engine delivering 750hp along with appropriate updates to suspension and handling to match the high power output. The MSRP on the new Shelby F-150 Super Snake starts at $96,880, including the base F-series truck.

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Ford F250 4×4 Upgrade Project

We came across this 2003 Ford F250 4x4 Lariet for 9 grand. It had 304 thousand miles on the last of the 7.3L diesel engines and was in great shape. The engine was spotless and ran perfectly. The transmission was also faultless. The interior was like new and the exterior exhibited only minor distress. It was a fence company's superintendent's truck used to survey job sites. The only problem we noted was a near total lack of steering control and well worn offroad tires three sizes larger than stock.

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Coyote Swapped ’58 F100 Pickup

Tom Nash really likes Ford Coyote engines. He especially likes swapping them into unlikely vehicles that turn into cool hot rods. He's got a Coyote powered '63 Falcon and a Coyote powered '71 Maverick and can you not guess what motivates in 1958 Ford F100 pickup? Despite its ungainly broad dimensions, the 5.0L Coyote has become increasingly popular swap material with enthuisasts and Tom wholeheartedly participates in the movement. The tired 272 Y-block in his early pickup seemed ready for retirement and Tom had just the replacement in mind. From previous experience with the smaller and narrower Falcon and Maverick chassis, he was more than comfortable about sizing a Coyote into his truck.

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The Coyote engine and attending hardware under the hood give the F100 a decidedly modern appearance.

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