Speed Demon: New American Legend


The Speed Demon book and Special Edition art prints are going like gangbusters. This is story of perhaps the most successful land speed car ever and why it’s so damned fast. We wanted to thank everyone who has commented and reviewed the book with such appreciation.

We have received a huge amount of calls, emails and comments praising not just the subject matter and technical details, but commending the layout and design as well.

With the quality of a high-end full color collector's edition, the Speed Demon book celebrates the construction and world record achievements of a new American speed legend. We endeavored to pack it so full of crisp, detailed photos and highly specific technical information that it would become the de facto owner's manual for the Speed Demon itself.

If you haven't ordered one yet, you are missing out on a true piece of American landspeed history told in amazing words and pictures.

And right now you can enjoy an extra 10% OFF the already discounted initial release. Just use code Demon10 for the best deal possible on the hottest landspeed story available!

Go check it out now here: https://speeddemonbook.com

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