Summers Brothers Inducted into the 2018 Mopar Hall of Fame

It's official. The Summers Brothers are now members of the Mopar Hall of Fame.

It was a great evening. All the inductees had wonderful stories to tell. And Linda Vaughn was there to check out the new book and sign her page on the inside. We are so fortunate and proud to have known and worked with the brothers over the years.

Their recognition by the Hall of Fame is richly deserved, and we were so pleased that we were chosen to speak on their behalf. Congratulations Bob and Bill. You are the ultimate American hot rodders — legendary figures that will stand the test of time, leaving an indelible mark on land speed racing history.


We scored some cool memorabilia from the presentation and got a chance to add their names to the giant banner of all the previous inductees. It is a massive table-size banner with signatures of other legendary figures who have contributed to Mopar racing history.

In the closeup you can see luminaries such as Dave Koffel and Bob Riggle of Hemi Under Glass fame and Bill Hancock of Arrow Racing. Got to keep the cool decal and the inductee representative badge. Sweet!

Joined by inductees and their representatives, attendees were treated to a full evening of pictures and stories that brought the inductees stories to life in vivid detail. Luminaries included former 2 time SEMA chairman Nate Shelton, Bob Larivee and Bill Moeller of RTS Caravan fame and more.
The Mopar Hall of Fame puts on a great spread with fine dining and a classy atmosphere provided by Mopar Collector's Guide publisher Rob Wolf and coordinator Lisa Leathery. Old friends met once again to celebrate their rich history and welcome the new inductees. A truly great time was had by everyone.

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